The NEWA Experience

The NEWA Experience

Bottom line
``test After using Newa for 6 weeks, my skin feels so much firmer and I'm enjoying the compliments!``

How long have you been using Newa?

5 months and 2 days.

test What we’re you hoping to see?

I’m a bit bothered by the lack of firmness around my chin and fine lines around my mouth. I’ve used a lot of creams but they never really seem to work that well”, “I would love to deal with these crow feet but I’m totally against Botox”,
“I don’t need to look twenty agin, but it would be nice to look a few years younger… but I’m not looking to go under the knife for that!

Which areas of the face did you focus on?

Around the eyes and neck.


test What are your first impressions?


KoalaI was a bit skeptical, but wow…if you stick to the regime…it’s amazing how you start to see a real difference in a few weeks. It’s not just me who’s seen it, my teenage daughter and girlfriends are noticing too…and that feels good!, What’s really nice is that you feel a real firmness after the first use – like you’ve had a facial or something.

How does Newa fit into your skincare regime?

I’ve been using Newa on 4 areas of my face which means using it for 16 mins.
Originally this seemed like a bit long, but now I use the time to catch up on my TV watching. It’s quite relaxing!

You’ve got to use Newa continuously for 5 days for a period of 6 weeks to enable the body to renew the collagen. I use it in the evenings as part of my usually skin care regime. I’ve also replaced my moisturizer with theirs and it seems to feel quite nice!