Social Responsibility

Medical Innovation. Social Responsibility. Hand in Hand.

As the premier global leader in laser scar treatment, Lumenis is committed to benefitting the lives of scar patients, all over the world.

Today’s technological breakthroughs bring immense hope for people with scars, creating profound positive change on a daily a basis. As a global leader in this arena, Lumenis is committed to making a difference in the lives of countless adults and children with scars all over the world.

At Lumenis, we realize that not everyone has the same access to cutting-edge medical technology and that many children, women and men do not receive the treatment they require. Over the past several years, Lumenis has initiated and participated in various missions and initiatives all over the world, with the purpose of treating men, women and children suffering from scars, as well as soldiers wounded in combat.

Lumenis humanitarian missions:

Helping heal wounded American troops

In 2009, Lumenis CO2 laser technology was used in San Antonio’s Wilford Hall Medical Center, where dermatologist Dr. Chad Hivnor treated American soldiers with third-degree burns wounded in in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Many of the soldiers treated underwent tens of prior surgeries, and Lumenis technology truly made a profound difference. Shortly after the advances of Dr. Hvnor in San Antonio, Drs Nathan Uebelhoer and Peter Shumaker adopted the technology at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. Currently there are several Department of Defense Hospitals and Veteran Affairs Hospitals practicing this technology in the United States and more in military institutions around the world.

Teaming up with Medical Missions for Children in Quito

In 2010, Lumenis teamed up with Dr. Kate Viola of Yale University and Medical Missions for Children Foundation, a leading non-profit organization, embarking on a mission to help treat children with severe scars from Quito, Ecuador.

Restoring Heroes Foundation for Scar Patients

In 2016, Lumenis supported the foundation of “Restoring Heroes Foundation for Scar Patients”, charity geared to provide the best in cutting-edge medical care for wounded American soldiers. The Foundation’s aim is to develop, implement and integrate a protocol of care and treatment for burns and scar trauma that would augment and compliment the DoD and VA healthcare systems for active duty, retired, service members and veterans, and their families, as required.

Vietnam Vascular Anomaly Center

Starting in 2010 Lumenis teamed up with Drs. Than Nya Tran and Rox Anderson in their annual mission to treat the children in Vietnam at the Vietnam Vascular Anomaly Center in Ho Chi Minh City. Lumenis donated the laser system to the hospital and Dr. Anderson trained the local doctors so that more children could be helped in the future.

USS Mercy Missions

Since 2010 Lumenis has partnered with the Naval Medical Center in San Diego to provide a Lumenis’ UltraPulse SCAAR FX CO2 laser on the Medical Missions of the USS Mercy to Vietnam. This has become such an important part of these missions a laser has been purchased for the ship so that it is always available.

Wenchuan China

Following the horrible 8.0 earthquake on May 12, 2008 Lumenis co-sponsored a relief mission in utilizing the UltraPulse Technology that was used to treat those injured by this tragic event.

Moscow, Russia

Children at the Pediatric Hospital No. 9 in Moscow were treated using Lumenis’ UltraPulse SCAAR FX CO2 laser by Dr. Rox Anderson. Lumenis provided the laser system to the hospital and Dr. Anderson trained the local doctors so that more children could be helped in the future.

Mission to Armenia

Lumenis was the proud supporter of a mission to treat children with burn injuries in Yerevan Armenia following a horrible balloon accident on May 5th 2012. The mission, led by Dr. R. Rox Anderson, was designed to provide immediate access to treatment for patients in need, but also to help local medical leaders establish a sustainable burn injury care network in Armenia.

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